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Reputation Management

Strategic Digital Systems (SDS) monitors and manages brand images using online tactics. Reputation monitoring allows SDS to get a strong grasp of how current and potential customers view a brand. Managing a brand’s reputation is an important aspect of digital marketing that can improve its image to its customers.

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Owned Media

Owned Media represents a company's brand through its website, social media, and blog. Our team monitors these platforms to understand how customers interact with information put out by the brand itself.


Earned Media

Earned Media is the collection of mentions that a brand has earned. This category includes reviews on sites like Google business listings. Customers do research before they purchase from a brand, so understanding what they will read about your brand when they perform a search on these sites is critical.


Shared Media

Monitoring Shared Media involves social listening, which is the practice of keeping tabs on what people are saying about your brand on social media, whether from other business accounts or personal accounts.


Paid Media

Keeping tabs on other brands' Paid Media is key to staying in the know when businesses are attempting to affect your reputation in advertising. Understanding your company's competitors through their online presence only enhances your own.


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