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Reputation Management

SDS effectively oversees and controls brand images through online strategies. By monitoring reputation, SDS gains valuable insights into the perceptions of existing and prospective customers towards a brand. The management of a brand's reputation plays a pivotal role in enhancing its image among its customer base, thereby contributing to the success of digital marketing efforts.

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Owned Media

Our team diligently observes the company's brand portrayal across its website, social media, and blog, which collectively constitute Owned Media. This enables us to gain valuable insights into customer engagement with the brand's disseminated information.


Earned Media

It is crucial to comprehend the content that potential customers will come across when conducting research on sites such as Google business listings. This content falls under the category of Earned Media, which encompasses all the mentions a brand has earned, including reviews.


Shared Media

The practice of monitoring Shared Media entails engaging in social listening, which involves keeping track of the conversations surrounding your brand on social media platforms, whether they originate from other business accounts or personal accounts.


Paid Media

It is crucial to monitor the Paid Media of other brands in order to stay informed about any attempts they may make to impact your advertising reputation. By gaining insight into your company's competitors through their online activities, you can improve your own online presence.


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